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Youth For Human Rights International -
Ghana Human Rights Tour

June 3, 2006

Students in a school in Accra attend a human rights education workshop

Students in a school in Accra attend a human rights education workshop, held by the Ghana Chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, with the guest speaker, Executive Director of Youth for Human Rights International

The Executive Director of Youth for Human Rights International, Tim Bowles, has returned to Ghana to spearhead broad implementation of human rights education in the country.

Working with Dzek Atsu the head of the Ghana chapter of Youth for Human Rights International, and in coordination with Samuel Jacobs Abbey, director of the International Centre for Conflict and Human Rights Analysis, Youth for Human Rights International provides effective educational materials including the booklet — What Are Human Rights? — and a comprehensive human rights lesson plan — the UNITED Human Rights Handbook. These materials were created and published in coordination with the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology International.

“For all the sparkle of this information age, one would have to be blind and unconscious to be unaware of the tremendous influx of people who come to our large cities in the hope of a better life only to find themselves ensnared into inhumane labor conditions," said Mr. Bowles. "Too many streets of too many countries are full of school-age children exploited into unimaginable situations with little or no hope of education and with no real future.”

“With the purpose To teach youth around the globe about Human Rights, thus helping them to become valuable advocates for the promotion of tolerance and peace" Youth for Human Rights is achieving its aims through a series of regional and international youth conferences on human rights, including last July’s Panafest celebrations in Cape Coast at the invitation of King Osabarimba.

“I believe Ghana can lead the West African nations," said Mr. Bowles, "and I believe our program of human rights education is particularly suited to the task at hand: to capture the imagination and creative power of young people to become innovators in social justice over the coming decades on a par with the inventors of the electronic marvels of the last 50 years. We call on that innovation and inspiration in part through video illustration, including the award-winning short music video UNITED, the centerpiece of our educational materials.

“With the enormity of the challenge, it is not enough for a few dedicated individuals and groups to work at this in isolated pockets. With our materials to spearhead the effort, I am again in Accra to discuss with Mr. Abbey, Mr. Atsu and with those receptive in the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, the Ministry of Education, other ministries, and local NGOs to prompt formation of joint ventures that can spread effective human rights education over the breadth of the country.”

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